A Short Intro to Sic Bo

Remember that Sic Bo is a game of chance that you play with three dice. The game has its roots in the Republic of China, and it’s sometimes known as Hi-Lo, Tai Sai, Dai Siu or the Big and Small game. The game is available in various variations, such as the Chuch-a-luck for the US market and Grand Hazard for the UK market. Regardless, you can play it at canadaonline-casino .

How do You Play Online Sic Bo?

Learning how to play a game of chance is an easy feat in most cases. However, you may feel lost when you start playing this game for the first time. If you think roulette and craps table layout is complex, you may have to think again after finding this unique game. The game may seem difficult but learning its rules is not difficult at all.

The main objective of the game entails you placing a stake on the exact dice outcomes. First, you need to place a bet by putting chips in the section showing the outcome you want to place a stake on. Second, the dealer will shuffle the dice in a tiny chest. Generally, you win the game for every sum or number predicted correctly. Otherwise, you lose for wrong predictions.

What are The Variants of Sic Bo?

If you’re a casino enthusiast, you are perhaps aware that most games are available in a couple of variants, and Sic Bo is not an exception. First, there's the Grand Hazard variant. The game has an origin in Old English. When shuffling the dice, the dealer can either throw them in a cup or roll them down a chute that comprises several inclined planes known as the ‘hazard chute.’

  • The payout in the Grand Hazard is an incredible 180:1.
  • The Chuck-a-Luck contains an exclusive feature that features the single-number stakes.

The other version is the Chuck-a-Luck. Besides being based in the US, this version is also widely known as birdcage, chuckerluck or sweat cloth. The three dice are dealt with from a device that takes after a wore-frame birdcage and supports from the centre. The dealer’s job is to turn the cage end over, and make sure the dice falls to the bottom.


What are the Typical Tips You Can Use on the Game?

Ultimately, the use of tips is needed in the game to avoid losing now and then. The most important tip to use is to establish a bankroll before you start gambling. The second thing is to stick to your guns. So, after establishing your bankroll, set a time limit in which to play and don’t go overboard. As a general rule, avoid exhausting your bank balance.